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All our wines are 100% grown on our farm.  Because of this we have to work with what Mother Nature gives us.  Many of our batches are small and often sell out quickly.  If you like our products, don't hesitate to pick some up today.

Since our production is small and we often sell out of many wines, we do not currently hold the proper licensing to ship our wines.  For a list of places that carry our wines, see our DISTRIBUTION.  For a list of wines we make, see our WINE LIST.

We are one of very few (if not the only) winery in Illinois that solely uses what we grow to make our wines.  This gives us control from start to finish to create a quality product.  We grow the grapes (and other fruit), ferment the juice into wine, bottle and package it for sale, and sell and distribute our product in Richland County and other areas throughout Illinois.  You will see the phrase "Grown, Produced, & Bottled" on all our wine bottles.  This indicates that we complete the entire wine-making process ourselves.

Because we only use what we grow, our production is very small.  We hand number many of our wines to show just how small some of our batches are.


Our wine is a delicate product and needs proper handling for maximum enjoyment.

Minimize temperature fluctuations.  Do not allow wine to sit in a hot car or leave in the trunk.  This can cause a pressure increase in the bottle and push the cork out.

Keep wine upright during transport and at least 24 hours after it reaches its new destination before lying on its side.  If these practices are not heeded, the bottle may leak, and you may find mold growing on top of the cork when removing the capsule.  However, the wine in the bottle should be fine.

Once opened, wine will react with oxygen, and is best consumed within 36 hours.

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