Visit Us

You are welcome to come enjoy the peaceful nature of Berryville Vineyards.  Walk through the mature oak forests, picnic in the vineyard, or wade in the creek.  Come escape to the seclusion of the country and relax.

For over 20 years we have been striving to grow the world's finest grapes to ferment into wine. As we have gained great recognition and acceptance in the marketplace, we are now working towards developing our location into a place to visit. It is a dynamic process and we appreciate your patience.


Unlike most wineries, we grow all of our own grapes. Farming grapes and making wine is a very labor intensive, time consuming process. As we are a working farm, we are only open to the public one day per week. 


Tasting Room Hours:

May - October

Saturdays Noon-5pm


We love the outdoors! Our location is very much geared towards being outside and enjoying nature. 


We welcome you to bring your kids to our place. We have a dog that loves the attention. Kids enjoy playing in nature at our place. We offer fish feeding & during the right times we have kittens to play with.  Other dogs are welcome provided they are leashed.