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Wine List

The following is a list of wines we make.  It may not reflect what we have currently in stock as we sell out of many of our wines throughout the year.


Snowed In.jpg

A delicate, dry white wine made from a blend of our white grapes with an exquisite complexity.

Pool's Passion

A dry white wine made from our Vignoles grapes.

50 Shades of Grape

Intense, intoxicating, seductive.  Made from our Vidal grapes, this wine pairs well with relaxation and sunshine.


A sweet complex fruity white wine.  Just like Tom Petty, we continue to deliver the hits.


Our sweetest white wine similar to a Moscato that is guaranteed to get you all shook up.

Snowed In

This sweet white wine is only available when there's a chance for snow on the ground.  Makes a great gift for Christmas.


Proprietors Reserve 2015 - Front.jpg
Blue Tail.jpg
Proprietor's Reserve

Only made in the best years, this blend of Cynthiana and Chambourcin grapes are made in a wine style similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon.


A full-bodied dry red wine made from our Cynthiana grapes.  Excellent with red meats.


Our semi-dry red named in honor of our winery door.  This Merlot style wine is a blend of our Cynthiana and Chambourcin grapes and contains just a touch of sweetness.


A delightful semi-sweet red named after our state bird.  Predominately made from our Chambourcin grape, this semi-sweet wine bursts with berry flavors.  Previously known as Red Top.

Blue Tail

Made exclusively from our premium Cynthiana grapes, this wine is dark, rich, and delightful.  Previously know as Sweet Cyn.

Sweet Red

A darker, sweet red blend loved by many.


A light fruity sweet red blend made from several grapes we grow.


Our sweetest red wine with a delicate fruity flavor.

Fruit & Rose

Pink Eye

Often believed to be named after a contagious eye disease, this sweet rose from our Chambourcin grapes is named after a famous local critter.

Pepper Fusion

A semi-dry red grape wine fused with our own garden grown spicy serrano peppers.

Blackberry Fusion

This local favorite is a sweet white wine with blackberries from our own patch added just before bottling to give it a fresh blackberry taste.

Strawberry Fusion

A sweet white wine flavored with our own decadent strawberries prior to bottling gives this wine a sweet strawberry flavor.  Often sells out at Harvestfest.

Cherry Fusion

A sweet white grape wine flavored with our own hand-picked cherries.  Often sells out at Harvestfest.

Peach Fusion

A sweet white grape wine flavored with our peaches gives this wine a yummy taste of the country.

Gooseberry Fusion

This sweet white grape wine fused with our gooseberries gives this wine a unique gooseberry essence.  Often sells out at Harvestfest.

Retired & Rarely Produced Wines

Sunny Patch
White Squirrel
Blackberry Wine
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