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History of Berryville

Although Mulberry Hill is closer, we take our name from the village of Berryville.  It was once a community home to two general stores, a blacksmith shop, creamery, school, doctor's office, churches, mill, and justice of the peace.  Bonpas (French for "good passage") Creek initially provided the area with economic prosperity.  Barges moved grains, timber, and natural resources from the region downstream.  But eventually the countryside was cleared of trees, and erosion filled the creek's channel with silt, making barge traffic to the area obsolete.

When nothing moved faster than a horse, travel was rare.  Neighbors stuck together and helped on another when in need.  When a farmer down the road was ill and needed his crops planted, it wasn't unusual to see a gathering of other men, needing their crops out as well, rush to his aide.  The world has definitely changed.
Everything wasn't always work in Berryville though.  Celebrations were held for weddings, anniversaries, chowders, and other occasions.  The community would get together to forget their troubles and have a good time.  Finding your outhouse on top of the barn was common around Halloween, and newlyweds could expect a shivery.

Berryville stayed an important community until autombiles and trains arrived.  When these came, people relied less on one another and instead went to larger towns for goods and supplies, eroding the culture of rural America.  The family farm and small community are slowly fading from the American landscape.  At Berryville Vineyards, we're attempting to carry on the old ways, where things are still hand-made, quality is paramount, and community is an important facet of our being.
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